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MP3 Section


Coming soon to a PC near you!!

10 February 2005          Click on the links to hear the songs. At long last, our long awaited song, "Long Gone" is here. These links will open whatever audio program that you use to listen to music. We hope that you enjoy it and we also invite you to post your opinions in our Guestbook on the "Contact Us" page. We would love to know what you think and we invite your comments.


Jeff, Eric, Danny, and Brice.

longgone.mp3    A rough copy to get it out here and listened too. The smooth will be soon to follow

Long for the Day.mp3




      In Memorium

We'll Miss you


    drowssap music

mixed and recorded at;

"A" Street Studio

New Bedford, Mass.

for Red Rocket Records

produced and engineered by;

Jeff Perry and Danny Haskell

webmaster and web design by;

Jeff Perry