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Welcome to drowssap's Official web site!

We are a Rock and Roll band with influences from Alternative Rock, Southern Rock, Metal, Blues and Pop. We are from New Bedford, Mass., and we have combined a wide array of musical experience with various types of genre. The results of which we hope that listeners will enjoy. Our music is primarily originals with the Lyrics written by Jeff, and the resulting compositions created by all of the members combined. We invite anyone who listens to our posted MP3's to comment with their thoughts as to what they think about the music.

On this site we will try to include any and all news about the band. We will post pics, mp3's when available and anything else We can think of about drowssap's progress. Thank you for visiting!!


"A" Street to Lakeside
Long Gone
A Stone's Throw
Long for the Day
                   Band Members
    Dan: Lead/Rhythm Guitar/Backup Vocals

    Jeff: Vocals/Rhythm Guitar/Lyrics

    Danny: Bass Guitar

    Jake: Rhythm Guitar

    Brice: Drummer



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